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CINTHYA  MARGALHO    Founder & Creative Director

Born in the Amazon, Cinthya Margalho grew up with the nature and developed from an early age a strong environmental awareness.


After concluding her studies in Industrial Design in Brazil, Cinthya decided to move abroad and gather new experiences. In Italy, she continued her studies and obtained a Master´s degree in Fashion Design, followed by another one in Management. She has a vast experience as a fashion designer, having worked for several brands around the world – Italy, Australia, Brazil.


Following years of dedication to her job, Cinthya decided it was time to leave her mark on the fashion industry and support a cause close to her heart. In Switzerland, where she now lives, iandé was born. A brand that not only represents her passion for fashion and her cultural roots, but also promotes environmental awareness and sustainability.

iandé is made by real people with real purposes
Bio leathers

Nova Kaeru values are sustainability, technology and innovation as inspiration for a better life and better products. These values are present in all its industrial procedures and products.

Pioneering in organic tanning technology, their developed tanning methods which do not use heavy metals “chrome free” which we call “Bio leather”.

Today Nova Kaeru is firmly run by its founder Mr. Eduardo Filgueiras, who’s hands on approach and passion for nature and social responsibility has lead the company towards the corporate strategic values of sustainability, technology and innovation as core values, present in our day to day and in all our products.


Three sisters, one dream. That is the reality of Rosy, Angela and Rita.

They were born and raised in a small town in southern Italy. A place where, to find opportunities, young people need to leave their homes and try their luck in a bigger city.

Contrary to all predictions, the sisters decided to stay and create their own luck, thus fulfilling a dream: to open their company in their hometown and stay close to their family.


In Santeramo in Colle, their hometown, Rosy, Angela and Rita, founded Cartoser, a small company specialised in the creation of handcrafted packaging.

Each box is handmade with love and dedication by the artisans Angela and Rita, while Rosy welcomes the customers.

For them, every customer provides the source that does not let their dream go extinct. Every project proves that their effort is always worth it.

Rosy, Angela and Rita are an example of women who are strong, determined and passionate about their job and who strive to value their region.

Metal Accessories

Mr. Domenico, also known as Mimmo (and prefers to be called so), is an Italian artisan with almost 50 years of work. Each handmade piece shows the craft that was taught to him as a child.

His atelier in Milan reflects all these years of dedication to his work. He firmly believes that quality should be a priority in any product. As he himself says: "Quality is a matter of respect with the customer."

The metal accessories of the iandé handbags were prepared with great talent and professionalism by Mr. Mimmo.

"To differentiate your work from others, invest in quality," Mimmo.

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